Best Massage Gun | Reduce Muscle Pain, Long Battery, and Quiet | Total Massage Gun

The Total Massage Gun is the best massage gun with the latest technology to reduce muscle pain, long battery life and is quiet enough to use while your watching tv. Don’t get kicked out of the bed with your wife while you massage those muscles and recover for the next workout. Enjoy up to 6 hours of battery life per full charge so that when you are in the gym working to reach your goals your massage gun is charged and ready to go. Use any of the 8 attachments that comes with your massage gun to target any of you muscles when you need it most.

How To Use Massage Gun

Turn On The Device

The Total Massage Gun has a power button on the battery and on the LCD Screen that can be operated by long-pressing the button to turn it on. When you turn on the tool, it will start whirring; therefore, ensure that the right massage head is attached.

Choose The Preferred Massage Attachment

For most beginners, we recommend you use the ball attachment since it targets most parts of the body and is easy and gentle to use compared to other attachments.

Choose The Right Intensity

When the massage gun is turned on, proceed to choose your desired intensity. In this case, start with the lowest speed and increase the speed gradually until you find the right speed that addresses your pain area in the best way for you. For your 1st massage it is recommended that you choose the first speed for a relaxed and soothing massage.

Point the Attachment to The Muscle

Initially the Total Massage Gun will make you feel punchy effects on the skin due to the long amplitudes. This is due to the vibration therapy that is being used to shake the muscle during your massage. Once the punchy feeling is felt, move the head along the muscle and avoid rushing the massage. Enjoy the process, and in situations where you feel pain move the head a little longer around that area. Do not, however apply force on the painful site to avoid making it worse. The above ways are easy to perform to achieve great results; however, ensure that you complete the activity with much care to avoid injuries and damage to the nerves and muscle tissues.

What Can Massage Gun Be Use To Help?

Massage Gun Can be used to;

Reduce arthritis pain Reduce back pain Massage and stimulate blood flow for the elderly Reduce pain associated with pinched nerves Help relieve the symptoms of Sciatica Help reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis Reduce the pain of Piriformis Syndrome Help with Lymphatic Drainage Reduce Neck Pain and Relieve Headaches

Get Yours Today!

Visit our website at www.totalmassagegun.com to get your massage gun today! We offer same day shipping allowing you to receive your massage gun within 2-5 days. Provide a satisfaction guarantee, including a 30 day money back guarantee. And we provide tips and instructions on how to properly use your massage gun to suit your needs.
September 25, 2022

Best Massage Gun | Reduce Muscle Pain, Long Battery, and Quiet | Total Massage Gun

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