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The Total Massage Gun provides revolutionary new ways to move your body to treat your back, elbows, glutes, knees, and more.

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Your traps help move and stabilize the shoulder blades. Increase mobility and improve coordination in just 30 seconds with the Total Massage Gun.


Increase your range of motion and minimize shoulder pain by activating this muscle group in just 30 seconds. Massage Gun 60 lbs of torque make self-myofascial release easy & efficient.


Massage Gun helps strengthen wrists for optimal snatches and deadlifts, stabilize your front rack position, increase your overall grip strength, and decrease overall soreness.



Massage Gun 60 lbs of torque will help to release knots in the calves. Perfect for lightning-fast relief of cramps and spasms.


Activate your hamstrings and glutes for overall flexibility - it’s essential for injury prevention.


Massage Gun is podiatrist tested and proven to help 87% of patients relieve pain from Plantar Fasciitis when using our Cone attachment to break up scar tissue in the heel.



Increase your range of motion and mobility in the lats to swim faster, reach higher, move more, live better. The Massage Gun adjustable arm maximizes treatment efficiency for hard-to-reach areas.


With its unique 10 mm amplitude at a speed of 40 percussions per second, the Total Massage Gun provides deep relief for lower back muscles, alleviating aches and pains.


Discover revolutionary new ways to move your body with Total Massage Gun


Each Total Massage Gun's ergonomic multi-grip handle allows you to treat up to 90% of your body, even super hard-to-reach spots on your back.


The Total Massage Gun's 40 percussions per second encourage the Gate Control Theory of pain - which blocks pain signals from reaching the brain.


The average person sits for 12 HOURS a day. The Total Massage Gun can provide a quick burst of muscle reactivation throughout your day, “waking up” the biggest muscle in your body.


The knees and ankles can take a beating with runners - the Massage Gun helps increase circulation around the knee, encouraging proper joint alignment & providing better range of motion.


Your feet have more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments PLUS 200,000 nerve endings per sole. The Massage Gun stimulates nerves and increases blood flow for energized, tension-free feet.


Repetitive stress on the shin bone can cause or exacerbate shin splints. The Total Massage Gun can reduce inflammation and decrease shin splint muscle tension in less than 2 minutes.


60 lbs of pressure is applied to your neck when you look down at your phone. Relieve sore, tight muscles in an instant with your Total Massage Gun. Back to coding or Instagram, pain free.


Overdoing heavy weights, or extreme repetitive motion can lead to Bicep Tendonitis. Relax those muscles and increase circulation in less than 2 minutes with the Total Massage Gun.

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