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Are you looking for a massage gun near me? The Total Massage Gun offers convenient pickup of massage guns in your local area whether you are in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Miami or surrounding areas. Don’t settle for one of those cheap massage guns from Amazon or Walmart that will break in a few weeks. Choose a massage gun that will provide the power and frequency you need to reduce your muscle soreness that will last the test of time with daily use. Looking For The Best Massage Gun? Shopping for the best massage gun can leave you frustrated, anxious, worried, especially as you are looking at massage guns that cost $350 or as much as $600. Or worse you look online and see prices of $30. With this wide range, how do you pick the right one? When searching the right massage gun, consider these 3 main factors for the best value Power - What makes the latest percussive massage gun therapy different, is the power of the device. Total Massage Gun has a 10mm amplitude and motor with 1200 - 3200RPM. This means, we have up to 20 speeds to choose from and up to 3200 RPM. This gives you a larger range of comfortability. Attachments - 8 Attachments Included – Percussion Massage Device offers pain relief from sore muscles and achy joints .The replaceable massage heads allow you to target your entire body(even sensitive areas) with multi-angle massages. We also offer up to 8 additional attachments (as an upgrade) to target specific muscle groups easier and more effectively. Browse our website for massage gun demos to see how to use each attachment. Warranty- 1 Year Warranty - We offer a warranty of the entire massage gun and charger. If the massage gun stops working we will replace the battery, charger or the entire unit.(Does not apply to units broken by water or damage occurred due to dropping.) Reviews - Do they have any? If so, what do they say? Check their website, Yelp, Facebook, and Google. Frequently Asked Questions Does Massage Gun Really Work? Best Massage Gun How To Use On Neck? How To Use Massage Gun on Legs? Where Is Best Place To Buy Massage Gun How To Use Massage Gun On Lower Back? How To Use Massage Gun on Chest?

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If you are trying to find a massage gun near me, choose the Total Massage Gun. We offer convenient pickup and 1-2 day delivery in the US. For a live customer support agent call 866-265-8386. We don’t have an automated line, you call and speak to an agent to answer all of your massage gun questions. Browse our website for more information on our massage gun, or for questions or comments please contact us.